Recruiting Cheat Sheets [!]
Recruiting Cheat Sheets [!]

This is the GREATEST TIME in the history of

WHY? Because there is a Level Playing Field!

Through social media, you have the same exact chance of getting on the radar...
and connecting with college any other athlete in the country. 

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The pandemic and the extended “dead” period have changed the landscape of recruiting for the foreseeable future. Whether pre- or post-Covid, one thing remains true...

Athletes with a well-thought communications strategy,
that include a strong digital platform, have the most success in recruiting.

PLUS, mastering these skills can save you


Communication is a
KEY ELEMENT in Recruiting. 

An athletes communication skills are the window to their character.
Even before the pandemic, college coaches put a huge price tag on a recruits’ communication and character. With the onset of Covid, communication is even more important for recruits. Here's why:

  • Discipline in social media = discipline on the field
  • Speaking with confidence and clarity = leadership skills
    on the team
  • Listening and learning to adjust =  respect and
    willingness to learn

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All Eyes are on Social Media.

High school athletes are being evaluated and getting recruited digitally and from their social media platforms! 

In addition, Name, Image and Likeness (aka “NIL”) is one of the hottest topics in college athletics right now. In the next year, Legislation will be passed that opens up opportunities for college athletes to profit from their name, image and likeness. 

  • Teams across the country are getting ahead of NIL Legislation and teaching their athletes how to tell their story fully and authentically through social media.
  • High school athletes that learn these strategies early will stand out from their competition and gain the attention of coaches.

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Did you know that mastering these communication strategies can save you thousands of dollars in scholarships? 

As a BONUS, I'll share the game plan we followed that saved us an ADDITIONAL $7,000/year for our daughter's tuition.


In this 1.5 hour virtual workshop, I’m going to show you how our foundational communication strategy touches every stage of your recruiting. You’ll see why it’s so effective, starting here with…

Communication skills

  • Recruiting Timeline: Learn when to start contacting college coaches (it's earlier than you think!)
  • Phone and Email Scripts: The traditional phone call is still the best way to build trust. Combined with the follow-up email, this is a powerful strategy to make you stand out! We'll show you three things you must include (aka...our special sauce!) in all your messaging. We also include unique sample scripts for both phone and email. 
  • Calendar: Create a communications calendar so you stay organized and are held accountable! 

Social Media Strategies

  • Social Media Strategies: Learn FIVE UNIQUE Strategies to create powerful social media pages that impress and engage coaches. You won't find these strategies anywhere else! (Twitter, Instagram, Youtube)
  • Relevant Content: Connecting with college coaches is never a one and done scenario! We'll show you our "Rinse and Repeat" Strategy so you continue to ROCK recruiting. This allows you to continue to build trust and engage with coaches.
  • Interview Questions: ACT NOW and we'll include our tutorial on the best questions to ask a coach on your interview. You will also learn what coaches may ask you!

Our Game Plan

  • Learn about the two phone calls that saved us an additional $7,000/year on college tuition. Hint: It's not only about the message, but the timing as well!

Above all else, POSITIVELY Recruited! 
will give you the confidence to make the leap to College Athlete.

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